FlexCalc Is Accounting for Different Scenarios

FlexCalc is obviously the accounting software you need, when traditional accounting software cannot meet your granular requirements for preparing consolidated financial statements, managing the budget preparation processes and fast financial close for specific settlement business contracts.

FlexCalc Is Depending Your Accounting Rules

Consolidation Methods

  • Full Consolidation
  • Proportional Accounting
  • Equity Method
  • Cost Method

Data Transformations

  • Account Code Mapping
  • Ledger Code Mapping
  • Other Code Mapping
  • Effective Date Mapping
  • Exchange Rate Type Mapping
  • Dual Base Currency – Keep Transactional Currency
  • Auto-calculation of Average Exchange Rate
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Foreign Currency Revaluation
  • Calculation of Minority Interest
  • Change in % of Shareholdings
  • Amortisation
  • Fair Value Adjustment
  • Depreciation of Fixed Assets
  • Inter-co Allocation
  • Auto-Elimination of Inter-co Balance
  • Reverse Voucher to Next Period
  • Reverse Voucher from Prior Period
  • Calculate Monthly Movement Directly without Reversal
  • Generate Double Entry by Transactional Data
  • IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customer
  • IFRS 16 Lease

Data Posting Models

  • Data Amendment of Posted Voucher by Input Form
  • Multi-ledger Scenario e.g. Actual, Budget, Forecast
  • Calculate Balance Upon Data Posting
  • Calculate Balance Upon Reporting
  • Additional Ledger Handling for Different Year-end Dates
  • Single Period or Multiple Periods Posting
  • Single Ledger or Multiple Ledgers Posting
  • Save as Voucher Batch or Post Directly
  • Memo Account

FlexCalc Is Able to Adapt Your Scenarios

Data Control Points

  • Different Scenarios
  • Different Versions
  • Different Owners
  • Different Users
  • Different Timestamps

Data Captured Levels

  • Transaction
  • Voucher
  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statement
  • Business Plan
  • Operation Plan
  • Daily Exchange Rate
  • Monthly Exchange Rate
  • Master and Mapping File
  • Quantity with Single Unit Code
  • Quantity with Different Unit Code
  • 12 Periods a Year
  • 14 Periods a Year

Data Collection Templates & Different Layouts

  • Extract Data from Different Excel Layouts
  • Extract Data from CSV
  • Note to Account Input Form
  • Elimination Voucher Template for Different Sub-conso Group
  • Transactional Movement Using Actual/Historical Rate
  • GAAP Adjustment Template
  • Budget Form with Multiple Periods & Measurements
FlexCalc Is to Empower Other Software

FlexCalc allows to interface with third-party software, but provides better integration with the FESA Application Server & its popular applications, that is, FESA HR & FlexAccount 2020.

FlexCalc Is Not Only One Software

FlexCalc provides various scenarios suitable for your implementation. The FlexCalc Builder supports your application development exercise, and the FlexCalc Server is designed to support concurrent users, especially to interface with third-party software or integrated with FlexAccount 2020. WebDesktop is an add-on module to the server version that allows you to interact with your data and reports completely in web browsers, regardless of whether you need single-user or concurrent users.

FlexCalc Builder Is Demo App Provider

Demo Apps are classified into following categories:-

  • Scenario Planning: Operational to Strategic
  • Fast Closing: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quartly & Yearly
  • Group Accounts: Actual, Budget & Forecast
  • Other Services

You can learn from these demo apps very efficiently for the purpose to learn configuring & testing required apps. When you demand for solution directly, FlexSystem can offer implementation services – on-behalf of customers to build & configure required apps to meet the user requirements.

FlexCalc Server Is to Execute App

App built & tested by FlexCalc Builder can be deployed by the FlexCalc Server with the following additional functions:-

  • Shared Folder & File Monitoring
  • Execution Session & Log
  • Schedule Job
  • Queue Monitoring

FlexCalc Builder & FlexCalc Sever can be executed within same computer when they are independent for each other serving different purposes.

FlexCalc Is Extending to WebDesktop

The WebDesktop is under development. It provides a clean environment differentiate from your Windows Desktop, allows you to operate & execute FlexCalc Apps within Web Browser. It support individual installation within your desktops or laptops for single user. Whenever you demand for zero installation on client machine, you can opt to implement the WebDesktop as concurrent user model, hosted the web app along with FESA Application Server on the same centralised server.

FlexCalc Is Extending to Data Science

The FlexCalc roadmap is not only limited to NOETL and NOSQL, but also becomes a data processing tool specialising in functional business management, with extensive financial management support. Operations research is one of the most relevant approaches in data science to support the optimisation of financial calculations. In other areas of data science, a feasibility study of two-way integration with Python will be explored to provide more comprehensive support for data scientists. 

The unique design of how to configure a combination of FlexETL commands, data flows & command functions in a column / row compared to the traditional tree style will have a big impact on the software development community. This inspires & enables the business domain owner to build applications more directly, in order not to rely on the members of the system development team, which include the project manager, system analyst and programmer.

FlexCalc Empowers You to Extend

Your Scope of Professional Services

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