FlexCalc Is Not ERP Software

FlexCalc is not an ERP software because it does not provide a programmed set of online entry forms, but it can extend the useful life of your ERP when you need changes and performance.

FlexCalc Is Not Workflow Tool

Again, FlexCalc does not provide the necessary interactive user interface for a group of users to collaborate with the application for approval. However, it can extend your ERP or Workflow Tool to manage conditions and alerts when FlexCalc has a module in Conditional.Action that allows users to customise the necessary conditional actions according to the traditional style of the decision tree.

FlexCalc Is Nether EIQX Nor LedgerBase

FlexCalc is a revolutionary new software working toward the rapid development of the information sector in data science. A very powerful computing mechanism is needed to support such software engineering development. However, there are few areas FlexCalc is similar to EIQX – they also support a flexible column data structure. Like LedgerBase, FlexCalc also provides the Ledger System, which handles a multi-currency and retained account. EIQX supports on-demand statistics calculation (Sum, Max, Min, Average, Median, Sum), LedgerBase extend to support pre-built complete sets of account balances & account analysis with an emphasis on Sum. FlexCalc supports both models, regardless of the calculation of the on-demand/pre-built for 6 types of basic statistics.

FlexCalc Is Not BI Tool

FlexCalc is specialised in generating decisive numbers, it does not offer its native charting functions. For simplicity, FlexCalc allows users to customise the recalculation of decisive numbers that directly support Excel charts, or to automate a dataset for PowerBI, which supports many fantastic dashboards for user interaction.

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FlexCalc Is Not Spreadsheet Tool

FlexCalc is not a new spreadsheet tool, although it allows you to use the most common spreadsheet tools to customise your domain requirements for one or more FlexCalc application systems.

FlexCalc Is Not Document Management Tool

FlexCalc is capable of capturing data from various types of data files. However, it should not be a good tool for managing your large volume of documents compared to other document management tools. Core capability of FlexCalc is to process numbers associated with narrative statements rather than to process narrative statements alone. So it shall not be a good knowledge management tool.


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