Use Case: Basic Transaction Processing

Solving Steep Learning Curve of ETL (1a)

Most ETL software requires a steep learning curve for accountants when accounting includes different calculation rules. Our main requirement is to demand for flexible approach to learning through success – each processing result can be seen only in a few steps of configuration. View Solution

Recycling Unstructured Data (1b)

An analysis of the personnel appraisal document shows that, despite the fact that our company implemented tier 1 ERP software, every year finance staff spent a significant amount of time managing unstructured data, tedious tasks included data entry and copying, less time on financial data analysis. View Solution

Foreign Currency Transaction (1c)

Files are sent from foreign branches, each transaction is indicated in foreign currency. During consolidation, every time I have to convert it to a Hong Kong dollar at a daily exchange rate. View Solution

Dual-base Currency (1d)

After I implemented the Foreign Currency Transaction (1c), with multiplying the exchange rate for each transaction, I don’t know how to maintain the local currency, local base currency and reporting currency for consolidation at the same time. View Solution

Standardise Unit of Measurement (1e)

Our group acquires a buying company every year. This is our management practice, so as not to interfere with their daily activities. This leads to operational problems at our headquarters related to the management of procurement data under various scenarios. The data file provided by each procurement office, they use different units of measurement.

Use Case: Data Flow Power

Mass Volume of CRM Data (2a)

Every day, our CRM software downloads a lot of raw data from the Internet. Our management is concerned about wasting a lot of effort on managing this data file. We need to find a solution to organise this data into the data store automatically for ad hoc reporting.

Distribute Reports to Brand Managers (2b)

We have a pool of brand managers who need to monitor daily sales contracts for global sales operations with focus on their responsible brand name. However, different regions, sales departments work in different cultures, different report layouts are designed to satisfy their own preferences.

Split & Merge Daily Sales Contracts (2c)

This is an extended use case from previous case “Distribute Reports to Brand Managers (2b).

New Requirements: The product manager can see the product report, the supply manager can see the supplier report, etc. Our business managers should also look at the sales contracts as organised in different worksheet for one category.

Calculate to Distribute Data Sets (2d)

It’s great to see your previous two prototypes (2b & 2c). Just want to see more of the list of features below: –

  • Product Manager need to review commission & rebate (prior the final drafted calculation by Finance Department)
  • Distribute sales commission breakdown to salesmen by importing CSV to the ERP system
  • Any more output options
  • Real demo to prove that execution is really fast

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