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Flexible Data Structure - Under Construction

  • Data Table Represents Column and Row
  • Many CrossTabs to an Unified Ledger Data
  • Single Fact Table to Multiple Fact Table
  • Normalisation to/from denormalisation
  • Segment Code to/from Multi-dimension
  • Row Store and Column Store
  • Is Master Table Mandatory?
  • Segmentation of Data Table
  • Scenarios of Combining Different Data Tables
  • Why using Mapping Table Instead of Master Table?
  • What Happen If Changing Data Structure?

Different Entities Have Different Lives - Under Construction

  • Most Frequent Use Debtor/Creditor Life History
  • Master Records Can also Have Life History
  • Keeping Life History is Different from Version Control
  • How Life History Impact to Change in Shareholdings?
  • Note to Accounts Automation Is Rely on Life History
  • RevalueAdj on Unit Price and Exchange Rate
  • Difficult to Understand Realignment of Exchange Rate
  • Can Entity Life Support Both Calendar & Fiscal Year?
  • What Additional Info Can be Provided by Debit/Credit ?
  • Six Different Entity Life Statistics

Learn from Modules, Commands & Functions

FlexCalc Module

Not Recommend to Start Learning from Demo Apps

Demo App is not a tutorial that explains how to select and apply individual command/function to build an application. It provides some of the ready-made demonstration applications that allow you to quickly improve understanding of the topics studied. However, each demo application will be provided with a brief description that will help you in using the application.

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