Flexible Process Highway 1-2-3

Below diagram Process 1-2-3 are the foundation of a standard process flow to support your design and implementation of a wide range of management accounting systems built within a framework of ETL: –

You can implement R2R Alert Analytics efficiently by learning how to interact with different kinds of settings of the FlexCalc. However, step 1-2-3 offers high-performance connect-to-calculate functions with unique specialisation in connecting your different Excel layouts and mapping purposes, to enable a policy of lean data warehousing when information can be processed and distributed from connected data sources directly. The typical example you can create ad-hoc reports in which relevant data sources are derived from Excel files and relational database tables. Thus, it can be an option to avoid the ever-increasing scale of database management system to consolidate duplicated sets of data from different sources.

FlexCalc is not built in a day. It is evolving, integrating and extending from other FlexSystem products – from earliest Fion, EIQX, FESA Consolidation, to the latest LedgerBase. In recent years, a significant achievement of a software innovation project which aims at strengthening 3 main user expectations at the same time, i.e. “Flexibility”, “Performance” & “Simplicity”. This results the FlexCalc was built, established and named as a separated product – differentiate from previous product LedgerBase, to compress the learning curve which supports your system creation exercise on-demand basis.

The primary design principle of the tool is not aiming at replacing your existing ERP/Accounting/Excel software. However, it can extend the useful life of your implemented software when your business models are changing rapidly. Whenever you demand a better solution to replace your obsolete software, FlexAccount 2020 can be one of your better choices as it is embedded with the tool and LedgerBase which allows you to implement Apps for concurrent users with multiple Ledger Workspaces. To extend your automation of journal entries for the FlexAccount implementation, the tool has a carefully designed computing model of Dependent Table for you to configure dependent nature of journal entry for different kinds of accounting treatments. 

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