Comprehensive Mapping Functions

Data mapping is essential to management accounting. It refers to expectations of business users they are using their familiar and understandable data sets to represent, relate and link to one or more target data sets to yield expected outputs. Target data sets can be a combination of database tables,  Excel worksheets and in-memory data.

Integration with the functions of MS Excel and LedgerBase, FlexCalc allows you to configure 4 different types of data mapping expressions to represent, relate and link to one or more target data sets to evaluate transformation outputs: –

  • RangePartial Expression can extend your familiarity with using Fion, FionQX, EIQX and LB formulas i.e. Start..End:IncludePattern:ExcludePattern. In addition, the tool is also extended to support a new expression i.e. Start..End%Include(Multi-KeyWord)%Exclude(Multi-KeyWord) where Multi-KeyWord can be a combination of *Suffix, Prefix* and *Body*.
  • ExactValue Expression can adopt a mapping table which contains a mass volume of combinations
  • Conditional Expression can extend your familiarity with using Excel formula, i.e. And(condition1..), Or(condition1..)
  • Regular Expression can cover a wide range of mapping purposes to validate unstructured data set

During a determination of data mapping expressions relevant to your business users, you can also consolidate what purposes of mapping they demand to support their expected outputs. By the following list the FlexCalc integrates and classifies 8 different mapping functions to support processing of data mapping expressions for different purposes: –

  • Filter Data supports match and select a group of data for recording and reporting
  • Join Tables for the relational database to merge relevant master data with transactions
  • Replace Data when data sources cannot meet the standard of data input
  • Standardise Data when different offices are implementing different sets of naming tradition
  • Lookup Number to support the arithmetic calculation of missing factors
  • Group Data to support simplifying selection criteria and aggregation of management reporting
  • Validate Data to ensure data quality management and relevant data access control
  • Split Data for debugging, scenario and comparison purpose

Mapping Command Function

Filter Function

  • Value or Value,Value,Value
  • %Ignore
  • %All
  • %Blank
  • %Range()
  • %RegEx()
  • %And(), %Or()
  • %Include(), %Exclude()
  • %Match, %ExactMatch()
  • Combine Filter

Matching Function

  • %Match
  • %ExactMatch

Manipulation Function

  • %Map()
  • %ExactMap()
  • %JoinTable()
  • Filter = Value

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