Creating Unique Management Accounting Systems

Changing business models can exert a great impact on your business operations as well as accounting systems. Also, your existing software cannot follow the golden rule of accounting – every transaction shall be recorded by multiple aspects of business activities automatically.

Using a computing model by Dependent Table, 2nd set of accounting entry (e.g. Sales Discount by Customer) to final set of balancing accounting entry (e.g. Account Receivable by Customer) of a voucher can be configured by extracting and summarising data from 1st set of accounting entry (e.g. Sales Quantity/Unit Price/GrossAmount/Discount/NetAmount by Invoice, Customer & Segment), recording every business transaction by multi-dimensional accounting entries on a daily basis is becoming practical to implement. Creating Unique Management Accounting Systems on demand, you can upgrade your management capacity to deal with compliance and competition on a gradual basis.

You Can Create Management Accounting Systems to Manage Your Business

You Can Create Accounting Systems to Manage Consolidated Financial Statements

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