DemoApp is Not a Tutorial Section

Demo App is not a tutorial that explains how to select and apply individual command/function to build an application. It provides some of the ready-made demonstration applications that allow you to quickly improve understanding of the topics studied. However, each demo application will be provided with a brief description that will help you in using the application.

The sections below are for an online tutorial: –

DemoApp Can be Useful for Your Demo

If you have one of the installed FlexCalc licenses, you can use these applications for a live demonstration — to demonstrate how effective the system is in automatically processing data for various scenarios. Demo Apps we build for the website are mainly fall into below categories:-

The section Case Analysis provides you with a brief overview of which demo App scenarios we will build and publish on the website in the future.

DemoApp Can Enrich Your Online Tutorial

Each FAQ (Use Case) & Solution is designed to focus on solving a specific element of a finance operations so you can easily examine each element.

DemoApp provides a situation in which you can see a more complete range of finance operations, from transaction processing to reporting & auditing. This can enrich your learning in online tutorials, but is not suitable for replacing online tutorial materials.

DemoApp Can Accelerate Your App Building

Business operations are unique to most organisations. WOrkflow and the calculation of a DemoApp are unlikely to correspond exactly to your situation. You may require fundamental changes or small changes in business operations after the introduction of the new system. This is an obvious choice, and Case Analysis & DemoApps provide a quick view of the available scenarios. Regarding the remaining gaps, in fact, the online tutorial can give you the opportunity to evaluate how to create applications for your expected operations.

How to Use the Published Data

A lot the Excel Workbooks displayed here are not images. It is not recommended to download and execute files directly from the Internet. Whenever you need a specific application, you can create one or more Excel workbooks, and then copy the necessary data from the screen to your Excel workbook – for security purposes. Or you can request the purchase of disk version of your selected App from our sales department.

FlexCalc Solutions vs FlexCalc Demo Apps

Both using FlexCalc Commands & Command functions. FlexCalc solutions are designed to solve specific problems that your business may face. Applications created for this purpose are part of a completed application – for training purpose. Demo applications are relatively comprehensive built application – for demonstration purpose.

List of FlexCalc DemoApps

Consolidation of Year-to-Date Trial Balance (ConsoYTD-TB)

This is one of the most common consolidation practices in Hong Kong, when financial data on closure is presented by your affiliates, and the total amounts for each account are calculated on the balance sheet for the year, not the monthly movement. View App

Financial Close for Sale, Purchase & Cashflow Transactions (FinancialClose-Trading)

This is one of the most common business models in Hong Kong for small businesses. Many sizable groups at their headquarters usually offer autonomy for individual business units, business units are either green or mature, some units are either small or large. In fact, various units require a fast closing system to support their activities on a daily, weekly basis, as well as to support the rapid delivery of financial statements to their headquarters. View App

Branch Budgeting Using 12-Period of Budget Form (BranchBudgeting)

This is a simplex budget application system. The system provide a 12-Period budget form to support efficient data collection and consolidation for your branches in different locations. Upon completion of the submission of the budget form by your branches, you can generate budget consolidation report immediately using LamiShow. View App

Filtering Global Sales from Different Layouts Directly (FilteringGlobalSales)

This App demonstrate how simple FlexETL can be configured to extract data from different layouts with filtering data across multiple filters. View App

Purchase Consolidation for Global Metal Buying Offices (PurchaseConso-Metal)

This application is designed to provide data consolidation to the procurement department when they encounter operational problems associated with multiple procurement offices — different units of measurement, different currencies of purchase contracts and different base currencies of regional offices. In addition, this application is also useful for the internal audit department when they are required to carry out certain audit plans for procurement activities. View App

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