Day 9

Raw computational capabilities and granular transformation capabilities are usually the two root areas they cause many special solutions for working with spreadsheets, which are necessary because they accept data from different subsystems that cannot be performed in any other way.

Ultra-complex processes can have progress steps displayed on the screen to provide feedback on the current status of the task to interested parties or interested parties, for example, Transforming Company 1 out of 600, or Reconciliation of foreign exchange reserves, or IFRS.

Day 10

Accountant shall have a very capable “hands-on” experience for developing financial models that support the efficient preparation of complex management reports and enable the development of very effective operational and strategic management reporting for finance and business operations.

As the clock is constantly ticking, the process becomes tense, as financial teams struggle with fatigue to present several sets of interrelated numbers in accordance with corporate recommendations and presentation dates. The lack of full confidence in the figures presented often causes many accountants to stay awake at night, as they constantly check and re-check the logic of these figures in their minds before hoping to fall asleep.

Day 7

Significantly minimises the time for financial closure, so more attention can be paid to the presentation and understanding of your numbers, which increases the value for shareholders – in fact, the monthly closure for group consolidation can be reduced to a day.

Managing change from applications to agile processes will become a significant and additional factor stimulating the development of the enterprise in real time, and this, combined with other software changes, frees up hardware resources for business simulations and continuous monitoring, which in turn reduces time on processes and more time on management.

Day 8

Preparing management reports for internal management compared to legal requirements, such as IFRS and the Listing Rules, is another task. Usually, the rules of measurement and recognition for strategic management accounting can be very different from financial accounting.

We automate a bad process, and do not achieve improvement? As will be a long list of agenda, if we can solve the main problems of friction, then later improving or changing the process will become easier.

Day 5

The speed of the process can still be a real problem today, when the volume of transactions and related reports is constantly increasing. This raises the question of what is wrong with modern technology.

The role of an accountant means adherence to a variety of rules, which are also constantly changing. The role of the rule mechanism is to allow the setting of these rules and their implementation by the system. The rule configuration can control the automation of the data flow from the data collection stage to the data conversion stage and can recognize various data sources.

Day 6

Differences in data entry using these new technologies are due to the fact that input forms are reasonable. Think of it as a process owner, able to develop any form for the end user who can provide the recipient with a zero area for completion. This process can occur from headquarters to the entity or vice versa.

Different scenarios can be created, for example, the first scenario should comply with the requirements of IFRS, and the second scenario – monitoring business performance by adopting special measurement rules.

Day 3

Automating the process to increase productivity is an area that will lead to tangible improvements, and is now an area that many corporations are learning.

Custom made software typically have high development costs, high failure rates, long development cycles, long testing periods, and it’s not easy for everyone to show a “real proof of concept with all necessary calculation” until the final program is built, and therefore does not allow users to make changes during Progress implementation.

Day 4

Process Tech’s enhancements are driven by the domain’s end-users who can use their in-depth knowledge, be it focused on complex processes in which many people are involved, or on complex tasks performed by just a few.  

How I can measure any additional performance that digital changes use to justify a project is difficult at two levels. The first relates to the absolute measurement of savings in dollars, and the second to emotional intelligence (EQ), not to mention concerns about personal survival as a result of changes.

Day 1

The cloud, whether private or public, is simply a choice of deployment. The main problem is that if I put what we have in the cloud, that is, software applications, then I will simply have a cloud version of what we are using today.

Day 2

Since processes are developed without unnecessary functionality, they are quickly executed, because they are very specific in nature and therefore have fewer errors, releasing computational power to give additional importance to contextual and imitation functions within the process mentioned above.

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