Branch Budgeting Using 12-Period of Budget Form (BranchBudgeting)

This is a simplex budget application system. The system provide a 12-Period budget form to support efficient data collection and consolidation for your branches in different locations. Upon completion of the submission of the budget form by your branches, you can generate budget consolidation report immediately using LamiShow.

Master Maintenance

Master file is not a mandatory setting

Budget Processing

CalcRule File: A-PrepareBranchBudgetVoucher.xlsx 

Demo Data: BudgetB001.xlsx, BudgetB002.xlsx, BudgetB003.xlsx, BudgetB004.xlsx

LamiShow Reporting

Report Template: B-BranchConsoBudgetReport.xlsx

The App & Demo Data Demonstrates the use of below Accounting Rules:-

Consolidation Method

  • Full Consolidation

Data Posting Models

  • Data Amendment of Posted Voucher by Input Form
  • Calculate Balance Upon Reporting
  • Multiple Periods Posting
  • Single Ledger Posting

LamiShow Reporting

  • Budget Profit and Loss
    • By Month
    • By Department
    • By Account

Data Collection Templates

  • 12-Period Budget Form

Also See a Detail List of Accounting Rules

CalcRule File: A-PrepareBranchBudgetVoucher.xlsx

Below, the CalcRule file contains 3 different sheets using the ETL module & the Conditional Action module:-


1. 1.ETL.Transaction – This module supports the extraction & transformation of data from the budget form by adding the voucher date, referring to the period, and posting the vouchers in DB.Ledger.Fact (Voucher) by amend key “Company”.

Demo Data: Budget001.xlsx,Budget002.xlsx,Budget003.xlsx,Budget004.xlsx

Below every demo data contains 2 different sheets:-

Demo Data Sheet

1. #B-PrepareBranchBudgetVoucher – It supports the system to identify the corresponding CalcRule name to process the data of the current data file.

2. Budget –  It contains a 12-Period budget input form. Original form shall be a blank form.

LamiShow: BranchConsoBudgetReport.xlsx

1.LamShow is the report setting to support generation of report “Mth_Acc”, “Mth_Dept” & “Dept_Acc”.

%SourceDB: Extract data from DB Name = Ledger

%FactTable: FactTable of the Ledger = Voucher

%FilterType: If = Range, filter can be either exact value or range

%ValueType: Conso Report are using Value Type = Current Period Movement & Current Year Movement

%ReverseDC: Certain account code range are required to reverse D to C, C to D, for display purpose.

%ResultColumn: There are only one result column e.g. Amount.

Filter Column: Company, Period, Account & Branch are functioned as refer cells to get filter values from sheet “Mth_Acc”, “Mth_Dept” & “Dept_Acc”.

LamiShow: BranchConsoBudgetReport.xlsx, Cont.

Conso Budget Profit and Loss

  • By Month “Mth_Acc”
  • By Department “Mth_Dept”
  • By Account “Dept_Acc”


When you compare the above workbook “1.LamiShow” with the below workbook, you can see the differences. This is due to Excel Online for Web cannot support the function “CTRL~”, to display the original settings of refer cell formula which linking to other worksheets. This is not an issue for the LamiShow processing.

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